DIY Denim All Over..


denim all

I personally prefer to carry this look every once in a while...

Especially when i am feeling super lazzzyyy to experiment..  :p

A Denim Shirt with a Denim Jeans is a complete look which is super easy to maintain and even more easy to carry.. 😉 😎

Now, Let’s Look up to all the required accessories to style this look in your own way...!






#1 A Vest/Top/Shirt…

For a Denim All Over Open look..

A Vest/Top/Shirt of GreyScale colors (Grey/White/Black) goes perfectly with Denim Shirt/Jacket..

Button Down till middle or Completely Button Down.. 😉


In every way..the Denim All Over Open Look is casual and stylish.. 😉 😎



#2 Chunky Accessories…

For accessorizing a Denim All Over look..

A Chunky Accessory is a must..

From Chunky Earrings,Chunky Bangles/Bracelets to Chunky Neckpieces,Chunky Belts and lots of other stuff..

Accessories are available in a vast range of varieties… 😉 😎

#Neckpieces.. ❤

#Earrings.. ❤

#Bangles/Bracelets.. ❤

*Literally Denim Bracelets :p ;)*

#Body Chains..<3

#Rings.. ❤


Chunky Accessories adds a glamy touch to the stunning Denim All Over Look… ⭐

Select one or two or  three and pair up accordingly.. 😉

P.s Don’t Over Do…!

Remember “Fashion Disaster..!” 😉 XD 😛



#3 Accessory part two…

Apart from Chunky and Blingy Stuff…

Accessories for a subtle and non flashy simple look..

From *Scarfs,Sling Bags,Belts to Heels/Sneakers etc*

Check Out Few Here.. 😉

#Scarfs/Stoles.. ❤

#Bags.. ❤

#Heels/Sneakers.. ❤

#Belts.. ❤



Do’s and Don’ts of Denim All Over..!



  1. Pair up white casual shoes.. or even with denim shoes.

2. Pair it up with a chunky neck piece especially with a white top.

3. Pair along with a woody colored sling bag (preferably chocolate brown..Chocolate          brown or any shade of brown goes perfect with denim  look.. 😉 )

4. Pair up with any type of shades/sunglasses.

5. Add a delicate pocket chain to get the stunning diva look.



  1. Never pair up with slippers/floaters to get a “casual look”..! (A Fashion Disaster)
  2. Never add too many blingy accessories in your look..! (Choose your accessories wisely.. 😉 )
  3. A dark on dark denim look experiment is a fail..! (Experiment to get your own mix and light-dark shade denim look)
  4. Don’t Layer up with baggy accessories..! (Like baggy scarfs)
  5. Too many Denim Accessories will spoil your look…! (An overall denim look doesn’t mean a look filled only with denim stuff from head to toe)


That’s all for now….

Hope you liked the tips..:)


Do implement and see the magic..;)

Like,Share Your Experience/Views or anything in the comment section below and follow for all the latest updates.. 😉

“Keep calm and Love Denim.. ;)”

Here’s Your Fashionista Signing Out..!


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