The ‘Black’ Magic.. (Men’s)


My Love for Black can never die..!

It’s the only pure fashion shade.. 😉

Like i have said before…




Black gives endless reasons to love it… and why not,

Whether it’s about shiny Black suits… ⭐ or a Cute Skinny Black tie Or a Dashing Black Leather Jacket.. ❤ 😉


Men’s Black Essentials..

hot black suit look.jpg


Black’s Magic is all around the globe..! 

Let’s Talk About Some Amazing and Simple Black Magic Wardrobe Essentials that can easily transform you into a handsome hunky… 😉




#1 Black Suit..

Black Suit is the pure definition of a gentle and classy man ..

Nothing can beat the suit look..!

It’s Elegant,Classy,Stylish and an Absolute Stunning Look.. For every men..


suit up.jpg

Like Barney Says…

Suit Up..! 😎




#2 Black Tie..

A suit without a tie is obviously not perfect..

It’s edgy,it’s classy,it’s like cherry on the cake.. ⭐

It gives you the perfect gentlemen look.. 😉

Even on just a shirt…

A tie gives a man a boyish charm..and a boy a gentlemen look.. 😉 😎



A Black Tie on a White Shirt looks just as Awesome as Barney Stinson..!

giphy (2).gif




#3 Black Leather Jacket..

A man with a leather jacket on looks super dashing effortlessly..!

“Leather Jacket is for players”–> Is a pure myth..!

It’s true that it gives you the “Bad boy” look..!

and that’s the best part.. 😉

Because it adds an extra shade to your personality.. “The Christian Grey Side”.. 😈

Check out the absolute leather jacket hunky look.. 😉 ❤


P.S: Though Black Leather Jacket look is ooted fashion..!

But Never Ever Pair it up on a Shiny,Casual Shirt…

It’s a Fashion Disaster..!

Also.. beginner’s should try to avoid Printed/Patterned Shirts as much as possible..!

Instead..Team it up with t-shirts of solid colors..(best option is both black/white solid color t-shirts or vests) 





#4 Black Shirt..

Every Girl Loves A Man with Black Shirt on.. 😎

It lookss soooo super uber sexxyy..! <3<3<3

It’s My personal Favorite.. ❤ :*

I mean a girl can never ever take her eyes off from a man wearing a black shirt.. :p 😉

just imagine how a shiny black simple plain shirt is sooo effortlessly hot and so cheap for pocket too..! i mean how cool is that.. 😉


It’s a must in your wardrobe guys…soo if any of you  boys don’t have one…then just go and grab it right away.. 😉 😎




#5 Black Blazer..

A guy with a white vest/t-shirt on with a black blazer goes for a casual comfy look.. Which looks absolutely stunning and is least difficult to carry too… 😉

Have a look..


That’s all for now… 🙂

Share Your Experience/Views or anything in the comment section below and follow for all the latest updates.. 😉


With this Barney Stinson Quote… (with my little touch.. :p)

“Black Color is LEGEN wait for it DARY…!”


Here’s Your Fashionista Signing Out..!


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